Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Diary | Love Beats

My heart
deep, like art
speaking truths, sharing secrets, feeling you [with an added beat]
is the very best part of me

It has the very best harmony

I like to sing songs to it
to block out the wrong doings
of those without a conscience that screams "don't do it!"

But often times, what's done is done. 
& if I choose, to the beat of my heart I can sing the blues
or insert my ear phones and tap tap away with my new shoes
while bopping to the bass of a rap song
My heart, hustler of love
Producer of trap songs
Makes you want to put your head on my chest and say "Yo! That Song!!?" I rock yo heeead back & forth and put yo feet up
Allowing you to feel what it means to be loved THAT STRONG. *turn my beat up*


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