Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Diary | Flower Girl

Why is everyone intrigued by the girl with the bouquet?
They stare. They smile. Seem eager to hold doors. 
They even feel comfortable enough to speak for a minute or two. 

Don't get me wrong, this isn't totally out of the norm, I happen to be a pretty inviting gal 
but the friendliness was totally beefed up last week as I traipsed through Soho with my pretty lilies. 

Is this the love that one gets when her ring finger's shackled? 
[I mean it's cute, lol]
But it's almost like being apart of a scandal. 
Someone asked me, as I was leaving the gym "oooh, who bought you flowers??"
me: *flings ponytail to the side with a girlish grin* "me!"
I think people are fascinated by other people's level of "special". 
They see a ring, chocolate or flowers and think "someone loves him/her 0_o" and it does something for them ---or us [we all do it].
I'd say this is the reason why we go crazy over solid celebrity relationships [i.e. Jay & B / The Smiths].
maybe because it's what we want. [shrug]

anyway, I'm way off topic lol..

I purchased a few white lilies and yellow calla lilies to give my room a little zing.
These winter days end super fast, it's cold and the trees outside my window are bare. :-\
It's the one thing I hate about this frigid cold air. Everything dies off! 
I can deal with the chill to some extent but I loathe how sad and lifeless this side of the earth is. 
[ok, I'm off. TIP: get a flower or two. Play some tropical music. Totally sike yourself out. It's warming.]

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