Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Diary | The Lamp of Day

[photo taken from]
Melbourne Sunset

Oh how I looove these. Sunsets? ..ugh! 
I wish we could have one full day a week of a beautifully lit, often colorful sky - as if someone hit the pause button in the middle of the sun's setting/rising < I love those too.

If I happen to spend the day at home, my bedroom lights are almost always off. As well as my television. 
My candles are lit and my blinds are half open. I could very well be a vampiress lol. 
I love to lay in my bed with my blanket covering half of my head and watch as the day gradually turns into night. It's always a beautiful sight. ...Idk what I'd do with myself, say I go on vacation. 
From what I've seen, tropical sunsets are to die for. I'd never want to leave. 

I was just looking out the window from my bed thinking about how sad the sky looks.
It's grey with hints of white cloud. 
I thought "bleh!" ..then out of nowhere the sun began to shine brightly in my face. ;)



Fashionista of the Future said...

How I feel like I haven't been to your blog in AGES!!! I hope all is well!

Arre said...

I knoow, we haven't chopped it up in a min. ...On here or Twitter. :-\

All's great. I hope the same for you!

Thanks for stopping by -xx