Monday, November 1, 2010

He Say - She Say | Vera Wang

Vera Wang. 
I always thought she was cute and petite. 
Loved her gowns but never really bothered to read up on her. You know, to see what she's about.
...& what a mistake that was. 
I read an article on her yesterday and found out that she's super cool!
News to my eyes: Vera was a competitive ice skater, a Vogue editor [for 16 years] and also a designer at Ralph Lauren. 

In this article which was published by The Associated Press, titled "Vera Wang: 20 tips learned over 20 years" Vera gives you pointers on how to make not only a name, but a household name for yourself in fashion.

Though I loved all 20 of them and would love to share each and every one, I'll stick to the one tip that hit home for me. 

20. Everyone's journey/route is different.
"Wang says she tries hard not to compare herself to other designers, businesswomen, wives or mothers. Everyone makes choices based on their own situation and no one else will ever fully understand those decisions, she says, they can only second guess them."

"I've tried to create a life for me that is complete. The truth is, everyone's route is different. It doesn't mean one is better than the other, they're just different"

I felt this the most because it isn't uncommon for us to chase the same dream as someone else and unfortunately feel as if everything's happening so fast for them and not for us. Learning that my time doesn't equal "our time" wasn't really a hard lesson for me to learn but it's definitely proven to be essential. You simply have to know that you deserve whatever it is that you want, continue to work hard and have patience because at some point we all get a chance. So make no comparisons. ..besides, you never know when or where someone's journey's going to end so be content with yours.


Shanna said...

Vera's statement and your analysis of it is spot on.

Love it.

Tierra/aRRe said...

<3 Thank You!