Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Diary | Summer Dreams on a Fall Night

This is random but, I just imagined that it was summer again. 
A summer night to be exact.
I wore short shorts and a tank and was hopping in a ride [I know, very lady like]
The car? I believe it was red. Who was driving? I haven't a clue. 
But I do know that we were headed for a dark road with huge trees, music blasting, stars sparkling, top down-hands up, breeeeze between my braids. ~.~
I imagined it for only a few seconds but wanted it so bad that I just had to write it down. 
Summer left toooo soon. 
I know it's been gone for a month and change now and I "should probably get a grip and get over it". 
But ever so often these little images flash in my mind and I'm in love again. 
It's so weird. 

As for the song that we rode out to, I imagine that it'd be this [on repeat]. think I could possibly put "summer '10" on my Christmas wishlist??
I mean, regifting's cool. I don't mind.

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