Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Diary | Not So Prissy After All.

It's rather late but I couldn't go to sleep without sharing my great news. 
I made dinner today. 
yea, yea, I hear the crickets. ...But trust, I am no one's 'dinner maker' so this is Colossal. 
I'm proud of myself. It came out very well.
I made Penne pasta with stewed tomatoes, minced onions and garlic, oregano, added shrimp and baked it w/ mozz. cheese.
My mom ate once and ate again right after. 
That was all the confirmation I needed. 
I call her "Chef of the Future". She's pretty awesome. & quite honest. 
If it were gross I doubt she'd torture herself twice. 
This marks the beginning of my Julie&Julia challenge. 
However, I don't plan to work with one chef. 
I'm a major foodie who loves variety. 
& since I went all Suzy H on 'em today, I think I'll give this a go about a trillion times or so. 
I mean the benefits are phenom. 
I'll save money, people will eat and actually enjoy it and I could use a lb or two so it's practically genius. 
kk, I'm sleepy. [kiss kiss]

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