Monday, October 18, 2010

Beauty | "The Mask-erade"

IDK about the rest of you bunnies but lately, my skin's been giving me a really hard time. 
I wash daily, of course, both day and night but clearly that's no longer enough. 
So, asides from adding more nutrients to my diet, I decided to add a few perks to my facial workout. 
I recently went to Sephora to purchase skin clarifying dietary supplements which seem to be working really well. & along with that I've added a weekly mask to my regimen. 
I have combination skin which basically means, it's both oily and dry and unfortunately, prone to breakouts. Full cleanse masks are best used on oily or combination skin, because they draw excessive oil and the pollutants it contains to the surface of your face, where they are simply washed off with the mask. The results are a face free of dead skin cells, with unclogged pores no longer likely to cause blackheads. And your newly tightened pores will also mean your skin has a much smoother texture! [oww!]
You can use a facial mask not only to make your skin look better, but to improve its health. 
I was using a mask by Clean & Clear which worked okay but since it's done, I think I'd like to create my own with a few household ingredients.. 
& if you're interested you can too. 

Oatmeal, honey, lemon juice, avocado, cucumbers, yogurt, and milk are all basic facial mask ingredients. You can be inspired by the spa facial masks which contain clay, lavender, olive or tea tree oil, aloe, or any other natural ingredient.

..& let me know how it works..


Anonymous said...

Have u mixed all together or just individually?

Tierra/aRRe said...

you can mix them all together if you'd like but remember not to make it too watery. It should be more like a paste.

I'd mix the oatmeal honey and lemon juice together. and add cucumbers to my eye lids. I'd also do an avocado and milk mix, yogurt and honey etc.

just play with it. Have fun.

Mata said...

something else that I've tried although it's pricey it works! Dermalogica.... their sebum clearing mask is great!!! use it after steaming your face for about 15min