Friday, September 3, 2010

Speaking of J.Crew...

I took this pic on June 18th while looking through J.Crew's catalog.
They have a bridal section that I'd just found out about THAT day. 
I thought it was a joke. J.Crew? Weddings? ...I'm like, ":-\ ..really?!"
But yea, they're quite serious. & it took me to find this look before I was completely sold. 

I'd so walk down the aisle in this. 
Can you not see it? On me? ...Mo Hawk and all. 
Might even add a cute little flower or baby's breath down the spine of it. 

I mean, I have time to figure this out. 
I don't plan on jumping anyone's broom - ANYTIME SOON. 
But you can't kill a girl for dreaming. [>_> @ Jada - insider. sorry].

The skirt's about 300 fat ones. Not bad at all. 
I simply love this look. It's very Tierra. & casual's seldom done. 
No one gets married in a Henley. 
[My mother & grandmother would NOT be impressed]

...Anyway, just thought I'd share that seeing as though we're on the subject. lol

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Miss ED said...

That skirt is very cute, and I guess your mom n gramma wouldn't be very enthused at a henley, lol, I know mine would FLIP.

Ripped Nylon