Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now Playing | Carlos St. John - Ticker Tape Parade

..Idk if you guys have picked this up, but I am a huge hip-hop fan.
 I write. & I love an artist with a delivery that's not only impacting but smooth enough that you aren't just hearing words, you're listening to an actual story. I'm artsy, & though I don't sit at home with a paint brush and an easel - I'd consider myself the Picasso of visualization. ...At least, that's how I feel when I listen to good music. 

For the past few weeks, Carlos St. John has been tooting my horn [via] his ability to deliver impacting lyrics and story tell all at once. Therefore, allowing me to paint vivid pictures of his life as he introduces it to his audience through song. It started with his remix of Hard In The Paint [which, no pun intended, goes HELLA HARD]. Post that drop, he's been releasing radio worthy tunes every week. We Don't Die and Perfect are two that I suggest you catch up on. ..But before all else, get into Ticker Tape Parade.

I find that I'm really into all of his music, so I expected my usual *head bop..."this is dope"* response. 
Yea, I bopped my head. Made some faces. & I guess it's safe to say that I indeed liked what I was hearing - but a lot more than usual. Overwhelmed may be the best word to describe my exact feeling. I guess because I am a lover of ambition and passion. I felt a keen sense of that through this song which was recorded on Kanye's Runaway beat. He may sound a bit boastful, super confident but that's to be respected. & if you're out there grinding without even a little bit of "goody-goody" your recipe for success may be a tad faulty. A tad bland. 
..No judgement though. 
...but I'd hum the hell out of this hook if I were you - just saying. 
"..cuz I'm a diiiamoond, baby!"

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