Thursday, September 2, 2010


How pretty is this!?
..Ever gotten a Henna design?
I haven't, but I'm soo in love with this pic that I almost feel as if I want one. 
I mean, it isn't permanent or anything so that works.
The design and colors featured in this photo are really cool - I'd want this [perhaps on my foot] if I ever decided to go through with it.

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Horses said...

Henna is a very fun way to express yourself. I love to Henna myself, and apply one to my entire forearm every time the previous fades. It is an easy, painless alternative to tattooing. You should try it! Hennas this elaborate are generally expensive, though. This was done by an incredibly experienced pro and probably costed at least $45 or so. Simpler Hennas, such as a birth sign or flower, are much less. Beware! Ask the Henna provider if they use black Henna, which can cause allergic reactions and scarring. If they claim that their Henna stains black or takes only a few minutes to stain, avoid it.