Monday, August 9, 2010

My Type of Hype

Here we are, already in August, preparing to put Summer to rest. 
Do you think you can do that w/o any regrets? - I'm pretty sure that I can. 
 For me, summer came in with a bang followed by many unexpected events. So my only request is for it to stay consistent and leave with as much UMPH as it rushed in with [now is NOT the time to be new <_<]. 

I've hoped, for many summers, to have this much fun. 
I wanted to finally have a story/stories to tell when asked how the season treated me. 
There was no game plan for Summer 2010 other than saying "hell naw!" to doing the same ole two step. 
This time around I got my Swing on. Mixed it with a little Hip Hop and Dougie'd - without any inclination that it'd be a recipe for success. 
 #TRIAL&ERRA - with little to no mistakes. [how I like it]

I found a way to make money doing what I thought was absolutely nothing to a pair of jeans. & have been getting really great responses. I detoxed in VA - enjoyed the solitude and greenery, napped on the beach and had a pretty big family cookout. Riding alone on the bus to and from VA was an adventure in itself. I sat for a good eight hours with my thoughts - planning, remembering, forgetting, accepting and thanking God for granting me with this new found sense of clarity. Upon my return, EVERYTHING changed. It's all happening just as I'd hoped. & then things that I hadn't even hoped for are happening so clearly, He knows me well ;)

My biggest wishes for these 3 months have pretty much been fulfilled. 

 One thing that suddenly began to linger on my wish list: hit up a house party!
..In an actual house tho or a reallly sweet apt. with enticing views. 
My vision includes a dope DJ [Solange, perhaps?] mixing everything from house to hip-hop - two seconds of reggae and loads of Jay-Z [he needed his own category]. I see red cups everywhere, bud smoke in the air [not a smoker, this is simply for the look], lots of laughter, sweat and D A N C I N G [both the cool and drunken kind: including Dance Offs].
Oh yea, && cops. - I mean, it's inevitable. 
[I'm almost positive that they take party crashing courses in the academy.] 

Sidenote: I'd also like to go to the beach one more time - that wouldn't hurt a bit [x'n my fingers].

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