Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Brooklyn

As mentioned earlier, Paper Doll Boutique [Boerum Hill, Brooklyn] hosted "Minx Linx", an event which offered discounted minx mani's, dessert and fine wine [for mimosas]. ...Of course, I was in attendance and below's a pic of my nails ;)
 I love them!

[Jada's nails]

After we dolled our nails, a photo shoot commenced.
This was my look for the day. 
Reppin' RIP Denim <3

Street Art

Jada and I found a great spot for drinks. 
Supposedly it's been in business for a while - hmph. ..never heard of it. ...But making it my business to get acquainted. 
Name: TBA [it's a secret]

We perused the streets of Brooklyn Heights until we were over it and finally found ourselves at the Promenade [one of the best places to watch the sun set].

I love this place. 
I really enjoyed my stay in VA and am missing my fam like crazy but there's no place like home. 
My trip gave me a chance to clear my mind and really think about what I want out of life.
Grandma gave me a gift that, if handled wisely, can take me VERY far. 
Life is definitely what you make it. 



Anonymous said...


Dessinatrice said...

That top. Need it, now!! Your jeans are also pretty inspiring, a DIY is probably in order ;) My fave has to be the shoes, though<3

Ripped Nylon

Jessie said...

lovely photos! Your camera fucking rocks!! I need to know what camera you have it takes amazing shot!

Tierra/aRRe said...

lol, Thanks Jessie!! I have a Samsung SL30 [very pocket friendly]

Tierra/aRRe said...

S/O to Ripped Nylon ;) ...Thank You!
My shoes are from Nine West [last summer purchase but you may be able to find them online]..They're called Ciraco -xx