Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Fun | Stoop Sale

 On Saturday, as mentioned a few days ago, my friends and I put together a stoop sale - it was thee most fun I've had in a while. We sold clothes, shoes, accessories [jewelry, bags, belts, etc.] ...There were even shoes that have never been worn [not in my size, unfortunately] but a few folks got lucky! & to every customer, we gave a cup of lemonade. ....Add that up with a block full of brownstones, good music and a warm summer breeze & you have what I call "The Crooklyn Experience". ...That's how it felt to me.

We were super excited  to make money off of stuff we couldn't stand to look at anymore but we enjoyed making friends a whole lot more. Every person who stopped by was very nice.There wasn't one 'shop & go' customer. We chopped it up with everyone. - We even played double dutch with them. [Hilarious]

I truly wish all of you guys could have been there.

-Vicki wearing R.I.P. Denim distressed shorts [made by me] & Mikael 

[More Pics After The Jump]


-Kerry [modeling a very hot pair of studded platform booties]

Modeled by Kerry but Sold to Whitney!!!! 

-one of our lovely customers! ...cute look

-we adopted these two [Makih & Anthony], they're cousins.

-Another customer of ours! ..great bag!

- Me ;) ...about to play Double Dutch

-I didn't tell you guys, but yea, I shaved my hair [inspired by Willow Smith]

-I had to throw on my Adidas throwbacks, couldn't jump in flip flops 

Neighbor!! ..he almost had it lol

"I have an attitude" was the first thing she said when she came through lol - she was fun

Kiddie Chalk Drawings 

 ...We had a great time! ;) 

....Shondelle and I are planning to have another one today, after 12pm. 
Everything didn't go, so if you'd like to stop by -- feel free 


Fashionista of the Future said...

This sounds like it was soooo much fun! This is what makes me want to be in NY. I can't to go back..we must meet up! =)

Tierra/aRRe said...

;) It waas fun! Make sure you let me know when you're here so we can hang out!!!