Monday, June 21, 2010

..wishing The Erra of Arre "a very merry unbirthday!"

Over the weekend, we reached 63 followers ;)
I remember when there were only 6 and I am truly appreciative!
I'd like to thank you guys for constantly staying in touch and for your feedback!
 A friend of mine recently sent me a message saying..
"hi darling! I just thought I should tell u that i'm really impressed with the progression of your blog. i've been reading it for a while now and every post is as refreshing, if not more refreshing than the last. keep up the great work my dear. ♥"

I've been receiving really great compliments on the growth of The Erra of Arre and I'd just like to thank you guys for being apart of it! 


nem said...

yay me! lol

Tierra/aRRe said...

lol, NEM you the bestest!