Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looks By Lee

Today I recieved a sweet compliment re: my style from one of my followers, Tessa. 
Along with the style love was a link to a top that she thought I'd like - which I actually love!
It has many of the elements that I tend to play with or gravitate toward when making purchases.
Those would be color, detail, and most importantly airiness. [I love a loose tunic on my tall, slim frame].

This tank dress is also beaded, which plays well w. this seasons Tribal Trend [my fave].

Below, you'll find a fit - put together by me - which was inspired by the top above. 
The color scheme is different but I'd wear them both the same way. 
-turban, socks, booties, maybe an oversized clutch, but w. a chunky silver necklace and rings on top of rings]-

[Thanks Tessa ;)]


tessa said...

Hey! Your Welcome!!
Go me, Go me!! :D lol

Karen said...

This is a piece I need in my closet for this season ASAP!!

Tierra/aRRe said...

@Karen - you can find it on

@Tessa lol, Go You!!

Shea said...

I ove this top I just ordered it today @ ASOS! I've beening waiting for it to go on sale for the longest! It went from 160 to 70!! It's such a go...go catch the sale while you can girl!! lol