Monday, May 24, 2010

Natural-Lee *UPDATE*

Whenever I run into one of my friends they scold me for having a weave BUT only because they think I've given up on the natural.
I haven't!!

I simply needed a break. I'd do my french twists everyday and that was starting to get tiring. & not to mention boring so I thought I'd braid it up and rock it like this for a month or so.
[my mom did this, btw. ..she lost her love for doing hair a long time ago - but she still has the talent]

My hair's also a light brown/caramel color. You can't see the dramatic difference through the pics but it's def. much lighter than my natural dark brown hair [which I hate]. I've made up my mind to keep this light brown look. It meshes well with my skin tone and sort of gives me an exotic look when I'm all bronzed up. I feel hella matchy [eyes, hair, skin]. ...I think it's cute tho.

 [playing w. my comp cam - sorry for the fuzz - it's extremely retarded]


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