Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friend In My Head | Genevieve Jones

This Socialite/Jewelry Designer happens to be one of my most fave style mavens.
Her look is always super classy even when it intends to be edgy and the cute and frilly personality that you see popping out of her pics is always on deck!

I've seen her 3 times in Soho, but we only got to meet twice. Yet and still, I'm convinced that she'd be the perfect 'friend in my head' - that is if we aren't rubbing shoulders by the end of this year at a few of NY's most glitzy and glamorous hot spots.

...I'll keep you updated on that!! ;) - Until then, get into her looks! 

[Genevieve posed up w. Julia Restoin-Roitfield]

[& then there was I!! Ms. Imnext N. Line]



Jonesy said...

nice photos! I like her too, great style

Tierra/aRRe said...

;) thanks for stopping by ;)