Saturday, April 24, 2010

Solo Dolo

I love Solange. I swear, it's remarkable to watch people evolve.
When she first emerged, I couldn't take her. I simply wasn't interested.
Then she had little Julez, became a woman and all hell broke loose.
Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams dropped and from then, I was convinced.
She had a different sound, a different vibe and her style was completely revamped. 
It was entirely too much to swallow in one sitting but none was to be wasted. 

This new look of hers, I like as well. 
I actually found myself and Whitney texting back and forth about my decision to go all out and snip off w.e. relaxed ends that I have left.
Scared much?? ...uuh yaaah! 
lol, I know myself too well. When it comes to hair, I'm crazy. 
I'll get that cut and feel too OVAH until I want a pony tail and I'm left w.o. a clue or a strand. 
I've been there. It's depressing. lol

..but of course, I'm still playing with the thought. *sigh*
I'll keep you guys posted. 
In the mean time, get into her looks. 



kara said...

I love this girl (not in a homosexual way) lol...I like here more than Beyonce actually. She's a cool chick and her 'fits are always a standout which like. You would never catch her and someone else in the same thing. I love that white ensemble she has on btw and her necklace is cute also.

And for your hair... I think you should do it, I've bee following the blog and you have already grown out most of the relaxed part of your hair, and your head doesnt look big so the cut shouldnt be too detrimental! lol

Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

lmaoo @ " and your head doesnt look big" ..thank you ;) ...I really wanna do it. Im give it some more thought! ..and thanks for following Kara

Cheryl-Ann said...

I love Solange...She is such an old soul...she doesn't try to follow the norm...she has a style of her own..and I often admire that most about people! Her sis on the other hand...Let me not go there..............

And as an Aquarius I totally feel you on the Hair complex, one day it's one thing, the next you're over it. I'm the exact same way as can see. I definitely love the French-braid do on you...and think you'd pull off that Corine Bailey/Tracee Ellis hair to a T.! Go for it! (Fists Pumps)

Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

Yes we are so in sync with this...both Solange and the Hair Care. ..Thanks for the encouragement. I'm loving the Frenchie alot, alot as well ...lookin for something new though [of course] lol

Christielove said...

yeah I love Solange that is my homegirl