Monday, April 5, 2010

Designer Spotlight | Dandi Maestre

Throughout the Fall and Winter months, fashion has been on an "all black everything" binge. So of course, the bursts of color that these photos contain are quite the treat!

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However, none of the colors are at all sweeter than Dandi Maestre's ethnocentric and very unique collection of jewelry. 

With the use of shed antlers, horns, reclaimed wood, raw amber and other recycled materials, Dandi creates necklaces, rings, belts and bracelets that are without a doubt eye catching.

"I believe women should express their own style (always be honest with what we do and what we believe). Style should not be dictated by trends, it should be an integral part of everybody’s attitude and appearance. 
Style is all about individuality." 
-Dandi Maestre

Out of all the pieces that I've viewed, I'd have to claim this [below] as my favorite.

I love a statement piece and have yet to see anything like it. Aside from it being huge, I think it's nude color was the perfect choice.

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