Tuesday, February 9, 2010

...So, as noted, I went shopping today and definitely picked me up a few rings as well as some other goodies.

My first stop was H&M, but I wish I would've gone to Forever21 first seeing as though that store is like a haven for sweet accessories. ...[next time]

I mean, I'm not disappointed with those that I found but I must remember to try out rings for both my ring and pinky fingers. I always use my middle and index fingers as testers and of course wind up with 2 bare fingers [never including my thumb]. ..I want my hand to be stacked with rings. Each finger should tell a different story ~.~.

BTW, do you like my polish?
I caught myself staring at my hand off and on today out of uncertainty. ...I'm not 100% sure if I love the color.

...Anyway, I'd love to know where you guys go to get your cool accessories. sites, thrift shops etc. ...I'm going for inexpensive though. ...My rings were about 2-4 dollars each.& they look pretty good for them to be soo cheap.

I like that. ..Alot.


Marina said...

The first thing I saw and couldnt take my eyes off was the polish! Is that a bad thing? lol Ohhhh how I love! What color?

The rings are dope too btw!!!

aRRe said...

yayy! ..thank you, I feel much better about it now lol

I honestly dont evn know the name of it but Ill def find out for you when I head back to the salon.


Fashionista of the Future said...

Yeah the polish caught my eye too...I love PURPLE!!! =)