Friday, January 29, 2010

Photos via Know What You Wore

If there's one trend that I adore, it has to be the long, side braid - one of the best things to happen in Hair Trends of '09.
....& fortunately for myself, and anyone 'pro plait' we can expect to see this trend standing it's ground during S/S10 as well.

I've been coveting this look for a long while and I'm quite ready to put it to use. I'm currently donning a bobbed hairstyle but with a few more inches, 20 maybe? ...I'll be ready to W O R K. I seldom gravitate toward fussy looks when it comes to my hair/makeup. ...I live for a little blush and mascara - two ponytails, or a messy up-do. & its honestly the messiness of 'do that attracted me. Without its discheveled look, it'd probably go unnoticed. It'd no longer be playful and efforless. Serious is unnecessary.

Alexander Wang reintroduced this look to us during his Spring 2010: Ready To Wear show [as displayed on models above]. What I love most is how easy it is for you to do, yourself. Honestly, if I were lookin to achieve an effortless messy braid, I'd do it the night before; giving myself a deep side part [zero products] and I'd do a very neat braid to the side and go to sleep. ..Once you wake up, you'll see that your braid is loose and of course messy. ..Redefine the part and spray a little sheen [emphasis on little] for shine. ..& VOILA!


Fashionista of the Future said...

This look is pretty cool....only if I still had my long hair I could achieve this look. =/

aRRe said...

Makes me sad too lol. I never had hair to my check but shoulder length hair wouldve been a major TEASE with a few more inches. UGH.

..I will still be attempting this look though lol, I loove it!