Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In 23 days, I will be the BIG 2-3. && let me tell you, I am all SORTS of excited.

At first I wasn't going to do anything at all, but I thought it over and came to the conclusion that I was being absolutely RIDICULOUS. ..So, I put together this lil soiree in my head, and I plan to bring it to life on the 21st of January.

..You're probably wondering how this pic relates to anything that i just said.

Well, this is actually the look that I'll be going for. I've never been the fussy type. I live to be 2 things, comfortable and chic. My friend/partner in crime Mali created several skirts just like this for her mUs line, so I thought it'd be a cute idea to wear one of her skirts [preferably the pink one] and a simple tee with killer accessories and 'made for lickin' shoes!


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