Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you're following my girl Sierra Simone on Twitter, then much like myself, you were told that it'd be uncool to NOT click the link for this video. to avoid the hit from the unpopular stick I took a gander, honestly expecting it to be something silly.

Silly Me.

Speechless is a song that Beyonce did for her very first solo LP "Dangerously in Love" and it's also a song that I've played over and over and over again upon my first time hearing it. ...Still, I live for it so when I heard Danni Marie Lee sing it, I gaagged! ...She has an amazing voice and THIS was my dose of inspiration for today.

...Yes, I love fashion, but I am a lover of the arts before anything. Music is everything and I love to hear a singer express that through song.

...with all of that said, MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT to Ms. Danni Lee

eRRaofaRRe supports you!

..for more videos of Danni, check out her YOUTUBE page ;)

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