Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writings on the wall: Ehhh...*taps mic*

Feels like we haven't spoken in ages. ..Which sucks, since so much has been going on.
I haven't gotten around to filling you guys in but I do have a few posts in mind you just sit tight.
I think that should be the motto for tonight.  "Sit Tight."                            
Whenever the weather starts to break, I always feel as if I NEED to be doing something.
I'm down with the whole "YOLO" wave but sometimes you really just need to keep still.

I've gotten 3 invites tonight ..which is great.
{& even better when you actually want to hang out with these people. lol xx}
But I can't manage to pull myself together.
I just want to sit in my room and listen to music. I want to write.
& sing. ...under my covers. no lights. with my blinds slightly open. & watch as the moon reaches a new phase. ...It should be completely Full by tomorrow.

I found my new favorite song today. ..which re-inspired my love for underground music.
& I also found this Joyrich x Giza SS12 video, which I think you all need to see.

I couldn't dress like this on a regular basis but this is what all parteez should look like!
D R A M A!

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