Sunday, March 18, 2012

Styled: Denim Chic

So I have this thing that I do, when I'm putting a look together.
I close my eyes and imagine it on a live model, as I'm styling it. If I know the fabric of the pieces I'm using I can accurately picture how it'll fall on the body. ..or how it'd look paired with other textures. 
I never consciously think of a location, however, the guy/girl that I imagine is always somewhere different. 

As I assembled this look I imagined her being on a platform. 
..similar to Amtrak's.
Her hair's pulled back in a low messy bun or out with loose curls. 
The idea was for her to give you low-key FEVER with no fuss. 
Hence the denim on denim + baseball cap.



Anonymous said...

you accomplished just that!!

Δяяe Lee said...

lol {woot, woot!}