Thursday, February 16, 2012

Writings on the wall: ..sweetest thing I've ever known

I know that I'm like a ..Dashing DIVA & all {<_< nothing of the sort} & Valentine's Day is supposed to be a piece of cake and then some for us "cool girls" {again, ..I kid} but it's honestly been a while since I've had one worth writing about. & thanks to this sweetie pie that I know, ..this past V.Day was no where close to making it on my list of disappointments. 

I had such a sweet day. {...pun, totally, intended}.
& it actually started early that morning when I went to drop off a pair of shoes to the shoe repair man. 
I came in, he left out ...and the next thing you know I'm walking to work with a big, heart-shaped, box of chocolates. :) ...these days, you just never know what you're gonna get huh

But nothing beats the calla lily's and hydrangeas that were delivered to me at my job. 
My favorite flowers! ...& they were arranged so beautifully. 

When they arrived I'd stepped out of the store so I was super surprised when I returned and saw them waiting in the back. ..I was beaming.

Later that night I was taken to dinner at an awesome restaurant in Park Slope {Rose Water} where I enjoyed an amazing 3-Course Valentine's Day meal and one of the best bottles of Riesling, Germany has to offer.

My night was simple.
 ..But very special and filled with laughter. < which is all I ever need.

& what did I get my Valentine? ..The guy who seems to have it all, give it all, and wants nothing in return?

A vintage-inspired money clip from DryLake, which he loves. ..Thank God.
 I thought it'd be perfect. & super chic for a stylish 20something. :)
along with a very heart-felt card. ..Thanking this lad for simply being who he is. 
Which is fun, selfless, and caring! 
All in all, ..'Twas a good day in the neighborhood. {I had a bit of an Aussie accent when I said that. ... :-\ idk lol}
..Hope you enjoyed yours.

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Addie said...

awww... Sweet indeed! Glad u had a good time! :)I pictured u beaming... lol