Sunday, January 15, 2012

Writings on the wall: Recovery Room

Working everyday and making it a point to go out because you're young ..and NO ONE wants to feel like a zombie is soo yesterday! I need a break from alll social activities. Friday is the only day that I'd actually get to rest since I'm free at 4 - but of course my Friday evenings consist of movies and lounges and champagne. ..& bxtchy patrons who come to party but refuse to take off their neutral colored coat while drinking red wine. I'm acknowledging this loon because she was hilarious and erratic over the possibility of her wine making a mess on her winter garb as she was obviously more prepared for a Nor'easter  than the DJ's mix. #girlbye

Anyway, I'm sorry ..I'm straying
So, I had a good time on Friday night but man did I pay for it on Saturday. 
I had to be @ my job @ 11. ..I woke up @ 10. [I went to bed @ 4]
& luckily, it takes me about 20 minutes to get to work I was on time but I absolutely hate rushing. ..& there's nothing awesome about rushing to get dressed for work whilst hungover. Nein!.

I've learned my lesson, though.
I went to dinner last night, came home, and was in bed by 12. 
Today I feel great. I feel functional.
Recovered. & Ready to do the same damage next week. ..Why Not?
..shxx, I'm young,. ...and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE wants to feel like a zombie. :)

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