Thursday, January 12, 2012

Writings on the wall: Love Lust & Nunchucks

When you love someone, fighting for them to the death seems to be the only plausible thing to do
..when you strongly believe in the two of you.

You’re fighting with hopes of knocking down all barriers. Everything in between. 
Fighting, hoping that they’re seeing your exertion. Feeling your passion. Your truth. Your pain. 
You wonder if they see how bad you’ve beat yourself up to get to them. If they care? 
& if they aren't fighting for you, you wonder if they'd dare. 

Fighting to the death for love. Some don’t make it out alive. 
Sometimes the love that you’ve knuckled up for - “lucks” up with someone else and moves that way. 
You have now fought. & killed your spirit. ..for the sake of a heartbeat. 

..that has now flat lined. 
*originally written: July 22, 2011 ..thought it was good shxt*

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Addie said...

it is good shxt!!! thanks for reposting it...everything u wrote here is sooooooo true!!