Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quoted: Addie Michelle O-Keys

Addie Michelle O-Keys ..isn't that a great name? It sounds stage-y & regal. 

Addie's a FB friend of mine and also an avid reader of The Erra of Arre.
I happen to know a few people who regularly stop by ..but most aren't vocal with their opinions. 
So, when I woke up to this message from Addie and found that my blog truly inspires her, I was elated. 

She said: "Your blog is awesome...!! had the tab open for abt 2 days now... I am finally at your day 1/1/2011 post... Great stuff!! Got 10000001 inspirations from all the posts I have read so far. Never been so into a blog. Just thought to let ya know. Kudos! Hope 2012 is a greater year for you. ♥"

I guess this is also a good time to wish my blog a Happy Birthday!!!
It turned 2, this past October on the 15th. 
I didn't make a big fuss about it because at the time I was having trouble keeping myself inspired. 
I wanted to change the layout, but didn't know how. I was losing all motivation. I went to Tumblr to juice up. 
[but Tumblr's like overcrowded nightclub where everyone wears the same thing. *le pew*]

The Erra of Arre, however, is my baby. & forever will be. 
2 years of my life is embedded in this blog. 
& I'm really grateful for all you who read and enjoy it. :) 
Here's to growth for us all! *besos* < & a kiss. 


Adeola said...

You re right... Addie Michelle O-keys is my stage name haha. my real name is Adeola (meaning: crown of wealth). Most peeps call me Addie.

O-keys is coined from my last name which I shall tell you later. and Michelle is my english name.

I feel honored to be featured/quoted on your blog!! Thank you and keep soaring!

Tierra Lee said...

Beautiful! ..& you're welcome. :)