Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pieces & Things: Jacey Boots

If there's anything that this stylista needs this fall it is, without a doubt, a pair of chic [black] lace-up ankle boots with a 3.5 inch heel. I can't even begin to describe how painful this search has been.
It seems that everyone can make a bootie but very few can make the perfect pair!
I'm looking for ankle-hugging, hardware having, deliciousness. 

Now I would go in depth about the beautiful pair that I found on Nine West's site but since those babies were sold out -_- ..we'll give love to the equally fab and available - Jacey Boots by Senso. 

Aside from Nine West, Senso is the only brand that's delivered so far. 
I fell in love with this style after getting frustrated with the fact that my combat boots weren't low enough [in height] or even high enough [in heel] to give me the type of casual-sexiness that I'm looking for some days.

I have really long legs, and I love a skinny jean. These boots, to me, are the perfect compliment for the two. 

My thigh-high boots go well with my legs but when I wear those, it's more about the boot than the lengthy-ness tucked inside. & I'm tryna give it all away [not ...really. but y'know lol.]

Anyway, Senso's Jacey Boots can be found HERE
They go for $242 but hey ...One must INVEST in the BEST!
& I'm sure they'll last for a long while! 

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