Sunday, November 27, 2011

Writings on the wall: You're either really Stupid or Really brave

How do you differentiate the two?

It's in my nature to be a risk taker. Which at times, means to act in haste and think very little of consequences. & I'm often complimented on this because in the eyes of some ..I'm brave. ..But at the same time I can understand someone who'd think it's stupid for me to take certain leaps because of the dangers they pose [which like them, I often foresee -- yet ignore].

I just want to feel alive. & it may be hard to buy because I often go toward things that promise to hurt me but that has alot to do with experience & really believing in the term "what doesn't destroy me, strengthens me." It's real. & when this has been proven time and time again, fearlessness comes naturally. I'm risky in matters of the heart, career wise etc. Because to me, that's the only way to be. ..I think it'd be stupid had I been putting my well being on the line for things that didn't involve an accomplishment of a greater goal. But that's never the case. I'm an extremist with a purpose, ..who often has very little fxcks to give. I live for experiences and what I can get from them. I may be brave. ..who knows? But you're never stupid if you're always learning.

((Photography: Naomi Shon))

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