Sunday, September 11, 2011

Writings on the wall: Rih-invent Yourself

So it's about that time again. ...I need a new look. A new hair-do.
or at least some versatility. 
I'm honestly not ready to completely do away with my turban - I love it way too much. 
& have even created Fall/Winter 'fits based around it. lol, it's serious. 

I have a few ideas of what I want to do but it's hard to decide seeing as though I reallly love 'em all. 
My mo-hawk is heavy on the move [growth wise]. 
My natural hair has this ombre thing going on so the majority of my hair is brown and the tips are honey blonde [from when I dyed my hair months back]. I love the ombre look and was thinking to add some extensions to the center of my mo-hawk so that I can actually style it and wear it out. 
I can do so now but it shrinks way too easily. [No Time!]
I'd probably do curly French buns and stuff. Leaving the front of the bun open so that the hair hangs in my face.  ...May have to do a lot of wash and go's to keep the sides springy because once I go to sleep, those curls are no more. [ahh the decisions!'s a headache but I loove transformations]

...This pic of rih's hair color and waves really inspired me. 
I want my center curls to be free and soft and in my face. Bouncy.
Extremely natural.

I'll discuss the other looks later. 


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