Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Fave Things | Cosmopolitan Girls

One of my most favorite things has to be "Cosmopolitan Girls" by Charlotte Burley and Lyah Beth Leflore.
This novel has a unique way of lifting my spirits when I'm feeling a bit crappy. It's, at some point, sad - but for the most part, fun! & empowering. Its about two women who meet randomly at a bar after having not so good days. After sharing their stories over cosmos, they begin a friendship that anyone would want to be apart of. & it takes place in NYC :) 

I've given this book to many of my friends and everyone loves it. 
So I'm sharing it with you - because it really is a great read. 
& sometimes we need a little sisterly love. 
..which this is, in written form. 

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