Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Diary | Summer Is Kind Of Like The Ultimate One-Night Stand as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it.

Today is the first of August. The beginning of the end, in my book. 

Although Autumn begins on the 21st of September, I feel as if this is the point where we begin clinging on to every hour of the day. ..I know I will be. Summer '11 has turned out to be something far beyond memorable. 
As everyone else, I wanted FUN. It was totally apart of the plan. ..But this much? I mean, geez. I'm just one girl, lol. ...I'm very happy, however, that I've been able to share it with amazing people. 

The free spirit that I always speak of has finally showed its face to the world. 
I've always joked that in my past life, I was a stylish hippie woman who looved herself some oldies. 
Though I've never exuded my true hippie until now. [sans the drugs].

The vibe is: down for whatever. I dance as if I'm wearing a blind fold. Turban'd up and tie dyed. 
makeup: optional. I LOVE for free. a victim of LAUGHTER. & I'm even more creatively inclined. 
If I can maintain this lust for life, I may anticipate the impending seasons. 
Like a bear, I hibernate throughout the year until Summer. 
Then the little flower within blossoms.

I want these moments for life. 

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