Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Diary | Memorandum

I'm always complimented on how good my memory is. 
I can literally remember things from years back, exactly as they occurred, what everyone wore etc. 
I'm amazing with detail. 
& I love that I can go back to these visuals and relive these moments in my head, if need be. 
I mean, I'll never get them back. & if I tried to re-enact them, they'd most likely never have the same effect. 
Much like the perfect outfit
..Have you ever repeated a fit, so incred', and felt the same amount of cool as the 1st time? [nope.]
If so, you have The Secret, ..aaand you should share. 

To me, memories become detrimental, only, when you refuse to come back to reality. 
It's almost like living in a dream. You can't possibly see things objectively. 
& sometimes you can, but refuse to believe what's right in front of you. #Etch-a-SketchMentality?
It doesn't quite match up with what you remember ..'before' to be. [say before's better than right now]
You'll begin to make excuses for your reality. Ignoring what isn't fitting while hoping for the better that "was" because what you remember, says it's possible.  ..Unfortunately this sounds like Delusion. :-\
There's also those times when a person's past was way worst than their present. 
& in this case, clinging on to memories of past hurts makes it hard for them to adjust to their present good.
..or even trust it. 

I hope this doesn't make you run around here, forgetting everything lol. 
Memories are still great. They make for awesome stories. 
Leaning on them as a crutch, however, just doesn't prove to be wise. 

I think memories deserve freedom. 
It should be this image or a group of images that spontaneously come and go as they please. 
A surprise. 
I don't think it's healthy for them to be apart of your everyday life. 
It happened. Its moment is gone. & seeing as though, they often provoke different emotions - they'll hinder, what should be, a natural reaction towards new things. 

What do you think?

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We have a lot in common!!