Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Diary | Me, My City & Irene

Ms. Irene was angry. ...Thankfully not too angry with NY. 
The pic above actually happens to be of our city streets which is a surprise to my eyes. 
I definitely did not expect to see them flooded to this extent. 
Though I knew the possibility was pretty high. 

I got word from my job, on Friday, that we'd resume work on Monday so I began making preparations to spend a day or two @ my friend's house. The thought of being trapped in my room while the wind whipped trees back and forth wasn't the least bit enticing. ..I needed a different environment, bad! 
& it was great. 

There were 4 of us upstairs and about 3-4 downstairs [3 fam apartment]. 
We called this gathering "The Hurricane Irene Party" lol. [...Ny'ers take nothing serious. I know]. 
We went out on Friday. Danced. 
Woke up Saturday, & hit the market for some food, snacks and booze. 
Surprisingly, I cooked the entire time
Breakfast [french toast, eggs, home fries, and bacon].
& dinner [baked chicken with cream of mushroom sauce, velveeta shells, broccoli and rice]. 
..Breakfast has always been my specialty lol
On a regular day, I never cook. ...Though I know how. 
What amazed me, was the dinner. It's something I eat often, but have never made. ..&They loved it. 
They not only scoffed the food down, they had seconds! ..& still ate more the next afternoon lol. 
Makes me want to cook a lot often. ..For that reason, and because it's very therapeutic. 
I found myself in a realm of my own. 

Saturday night was a little rough for me, because I couldn't go to sleep. 
Twitter didn't work. Texting didn't work. ..but magically, around 5/6 ...I was out like a light.
The sound of the trees and rain were a bit scary. 
I kept thinking of the news reports re: falling trees, etc. ..In Brooklyn, there are huuge trees everywhere. Especially, where I was. 
& not only are they big, there's damn near a million of them in the backyard, right next to the window of the room I was sleeping in. 

I was surprised to see that there was absolutely 0 damage done, when I stepped outside the next day. 
Happy, but surprised. 
The thought alone of any kind of natural disaster tearing the city apart is heartbreaking. 

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