Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loving Day

Loving Day is an annual celebration, in the United States, which is held on June 12th. 
This day celebrates the anniversary of the 1967 Supreme Court case decision Loving vs. Virginia which cited: There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause.

On June 11th of last year, I'd just arrived back from Virginia after a week of renewal. It was sort of like a retreat. I returned feeling better than ever, in such high spirits. With immense creativity. 
...That night as I was coming home a taxi driver asked to read my palm. I wasn't the Mystic that I am now, but still I was intrigued. 

He asked about my day, then my career and told me that I should pursue modeling. That 2011 would be a great year for me and that I’d meet a guy -who has something to do with modeling [2 weeks from that date] and that we’d marry [eventually] and have kids [3. twin boys and a girl]. I’d travel and I’d be super successful in my endeavors. ..All in 2011, idk. ..But according to him, this is where it starts. 

Weirded out by it all, I asked him to drop me off about 2 blocks from my house. 

But interestingly enough, 2 weeks later, I met a guy. On the 25th to be exact. Who, for a while prior to meeting me, modeled for a reputable agency. [o.O]

I was at a pivotal time in my life, as I am right now. & the memory of this holds true for me because it's apart of a group of events that have enlightened me, broken me, given me hope, strength etc. 

This is the anniversary of the Loving's.

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