Saturday, July 9, 2011

Designer Spotlight | Crystal Mone' by Tiffany Clarke

Tiffany Clarke describes her line as ".. a contemporary womens ready-to-wear line, that is a mix of sophistication and 'chic urban'. Each creation is made to embrace your femininity and bring out that inner edge."

One must love a designer who's true to her word. Crystal Mone' is everything that it's said to be. 
I felt chic, feminine and most of all lucky that these pieces are one of a kind. Couple that with the precision of their fit and you'll definitely walk away feeling as though they were made just for you. 

This has to be my FAVORITE piece. 

I've always been a lover of tribal prints. ...maybe all things tribal. 
Traditional African Art just seems to have the ability to add a sense of power to garments. 
..can't get enough.

I only posted a few pictures. 
Just wanted to give you guys a taste, but feel free to check out Crystal Mone on Facebook for the entire collection.
If you need no more convincing ...Check out Paper Doll Boutique where Crystal Mone is now being sold.

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