Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Diary | Snap For The Kids

Last night my girls and I attended an Open Mic Session ../ Rip The Ruler's Book Release Party @ The Bowery Poetry Club & It was AMAZING!!

I first noticed the eclectic crowd which was filled with tons of creatives and fashion mavens.
Secondly, my heart and soul [no exaggeration] was no longer mine to claim after hearing the poets recite their work. ...It was nothing like Shakespeare.
It was the sound of tribal drums over saxophones - with Sade's beauty, in cut off shorts, high heels, on the set of the sun ...devoured by hungry hearts. It was everything imaginable. Impactful beyond description. It was as if my breaths were stolen and rendered after the period of their last stanza. Lost then Found. Speechless. I was. Gagged & Bound.

Some snapped.
For them, I clapped. Light. ..but Strong.

Last night's Poets were Marshal 'Soulful' Jones, Brook Yung, Rip The Ruler & Steeve Sam.

Below is a YouTube video of Brook Yung performing @ the Spoken Serenity Event.


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