Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Diary | Beachy Keen

Because of the trying day that was Monday, I thought, yesterday, that it'd be a good idea to hit the beach -a solo date- just me, my journal, and my music. ...I took the train there, which at one time was unfathomable but it had to be the best ride MTA has ever given me. I felt as if I was in a totally different world. The views were amazing, the train was cool and very comfortable. Not packed at all. ..& we're talking about the infamous A train here.

Once I got on the beach, I set up my sheet, put on my lotion and stretched out as Jhene Aiko played in my ear. ...The title of her album is Sailing Soul[s] ..which I find to be very fitting for a solo beach day. ..I also made friends with one of the life guards. I envy their tans. It's very brick reddish with a little speck of sun. 

It took me a minute for me to get into the water but when I finally went in, oh man! It felt amazing!!!
It wasn't cold at all. But the waves were nuts. ...& since I'm no pro swimmer, I decided to stay close to shore ...but I really wanted to jump right in and float away. 

- pretty tiles from The Clam Bar- ..they have great burgers. 

-because she was just too cool- 
[over sized white button down, chambray asymmetrical skirt, straw hat and brown glads!]

-view from the train- ;) 
Most of the ride is outside, and this is really all you see. ...soo beautiful. 

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