Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Diary | Swimming From Something Bigger Than Me

Trapped and Encumbered. ..No more. 
I don't think I've ever been apart of anything so dead. 
Half of it's make up. Me. ...How? 
How can a girl, so full of life, so full of smiles, love, be apart of something so empty?

Around this time last year I was changing my location and shedding my skin. 
A new season was approaching. Unearthly one. & with opened arms I received it.
I was HAPPY. I was more alive than I've ever been and people noticed. 
But I wasn't in control. ..Had I been, I'dve never lost that girl. 

& how pitiful would that have been.  

I found myself in a bind that brought me The Most. 
It shaped me in ways that I would have never imagined. 
but it took the most from me as well. 
& tore me down in ways that I once fathomed irreparable.

To myself, I was unrecognizable. Out of character [so I thought]. 
..I've now come to terms with the fact that I'm always who I need to be, in whatever moment I'm in, so that I can become who I'm supposed to be. The Tierra of Tomorrow.
Sounds like a Superhero - but it's simply a wiser Me. She's mature, even more brilliant and ever-growing. 

It scares me. 
But I've never, not, awakened where I've been shaken.

"Even The Birds Won't Come Here Anymore"
A new season's approaching. ..An unearthly one. 

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