Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Diary | The King & Queen of Greene Street

[@ work | Fabio && I]

..So in re: to my last post, Guess who enjoyed her day yesterday?? ;) 
Yep. Sure Did. -- Sales were great at work and I, for the most part, was all smiles from the time I came in 'til we closed up shop. ..& I definitely had that drink I said I would have. ..I have this spot, not far from where I work, that I often frequent for Happy Hour and Good Music. The vibe is very mellow and soulful. It's patrons are never rowdy, overly exert or overly depressed lol. Everyone seems to be coming in from a hard day's work ..with hopes of taking the load off.  ..Yesterday I went there to write. && seeing as though I kick myself every time I go there without a pen and a pad of some sort, I stopped inside of Pearl Market and got a really cute journal with pretty embroidery. 

I recently watched That Night In Rio and was reminded of a customer who came in and told me that I remind him of Carmen Miranda, with my turban. ...I knew who he was talking about in that moment [the woman with the fruit hat] but I'd never seen any of her flicks and if you're a lover of fashion -CHILE- That Night In Rio is IT!! She looks amazing. Fruit Hat && all. 

So as you can see, work was fun because clearly, work was minimal. 
& the photo flicking was plentiful. 

I love Fab's shirt. ..Especially with this new haircut. He looks so punkgothrock.

[pardon the blurr x_x]

I also started a Fit Modeling gig [freelance] with Apropo Showroom yesterday, which I am super excited about. 
They represent many really great brands and from what I saw, each brand has awesome pieces.

Above, I am pictured with Uri [Uri Alter, owner and founder of Apropo]. The dress you see is the first piece I tried on and we happened to be twins for a good 5 minutes. ..Thought we'd capture the moment. ;)


Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous hunny! Love your entire look and the quotes u post on here. Keep it up!

Arre Lee said...

How sweet of you ;) Thanks a bunch!!