Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Diary | Goodie Bags

"Thrifting is life, expressed through fashion." I thought, as I walked through Williamsburg,  in no real hurry to get out of the rain [though it was POURING]. I went to Beacon's Closet today to sell shoes and clothes that I could no longer stand to look at, or simply had no use for. ..Usually, due to a lack of patience, I'll avoid the racks, take the money, & RUN. ..But today was different. TODAY, I did a trade off. I had to. I found the best pieces! & we all know you get back more money in credit than cash. So I kinda got a bunch of cool shxt for FREE. ;)

Cool shxt that, at one point, someone else was running away from. ..& here I am. OR ..There I Was, rather. Bringing them home. Just dying to love them up and add them to their new closet of fashionable friends.

I got back nearly $100 dollars in credit. & with that I purchased an amazing red leather chain bag, which has a gold chain and a bomb pink [almost coral] snakeskin flap from Carlos Falchi's Chi by Falchi line. .18 bux? [SCORE!]. I also got a pair of black Earnest Sewn skinnies [price point: about $165-195], a sorta Lime Greenish pair of Cheap Monday skinnies, a great pair of High Waist Levi jeans w the most amazing patch work, a light blue sequin top [that I can't even begin to explain] with clear and dark grey beading [x_x] ....and lastly a pair of unnecessary but very cool vintage shades. ..I was definitely air walking at this point.

& with good reason.

Just yesterday, I bought a pair of black lace-up wedges that give me - EVERYTHING. This is special because when I first asked for them, I was told that they were all out and while trying another, not so great, pair ... the sales associate came to me with MAJOR enthusiasm! box in hand. I think she was more excited for me than I was. ....& they're nothing fantabulous just - Great. ..Made me happy, y'kno. ;)

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