Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Diary | Bish I Go To Werk!

I saw a man with a cam today taking pics of my coworkers and I totally bum-rushed that movement. ..Next thing you know he has me on the cobble stone road giving face. He said I'm a natural. ...I'm alright. ;) 
*busts the Cat Daddy*

Work ended at 6 [Thank the Heavens!]. ..Afterward I headed to The Meatpacking District to meet a friend for a photo op [not pictured]. She's in the process of adding finishing touches to her new collection and creating her look book [which I'll be apart of]. Weather wise, the day was a bust. Temps dropped and the skies were grey but still, I got those clothes on [outside, mind you] and struck a pose. ..a few poses. 

Part 2 is TBA ...can't wait for you guys to see. 

Today I wore my Betsey Johnson feather tank with "Ruffle My Feathers" written in metallic pink ink across the chest. ..Had it for about 4 years now and today was my first time wearing it. Felt festive. ~.~

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