Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Diary | Stillness Is The Move

Meditation is something I've been practicing since January. ..Inconsistently, unfortunately.
But whenever I allot time for it, I really do enjoy it - despite my inability to silence the noise in my head.

Thankfully, I am still able to experience it's overwhelming calmness. 

My biggest goal is to sit, STILL, and think about absolutely nothing. I can't seem to clasp the lips of my thoughts so instead of letting them run-a-muck ...I think of the things that I want for myself. Positive things. Positive changes [re: my environment, attitude, habits] etc. I focus on those things and try to store them in my subconscious. ...It takes more than 10 quiet minutes for them to actually make a home there but I'm on the right track. Still feels good. ;) 

My routine usually involves me sitting on top of my bed [must be made] with my window and curtains ajar. ..When I'm feeling fancy, I'll place a mat down, and light a candle [which I should probably do all of the time - scents are soothing & being on the ground has honestly proven to be more therapeutic than my Posturepedic]. 

Do you meditate?


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