Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't Believe He's Not Famous

WHY? ...Well, because he's 'bout the craftiest mofo person on the planet to Martha Stewart, Erica Domesek and ummm ..Myself ...hehe :)

Name: Fabio
Game: Full Time Charmer, Style Maven, Designer and all things above and beyond. 

We're standing around at work, traffic's slow. ..Fabio goes into our 'lil bit o' everything' drawer and pulls out a piece of resin that apparently fell off of this really beautiful skeleton sculpture that we're selling [12gs]. 
o.O [probably shouldn't' have told you that]

Why we still have it? Who Knows. ...What does he plan to do with it? ...I no longer ask these questions. 
This guy will make a necklace, bracelet, ring, BROOCH ...out of anything! 
And as you see above, ..he wrapped some string around that bad boy and now has a pretty cool neck piece. 

The smaller piece of resin was tied with string around a key chain holder. 

Before we left, he stepped outside for no more than 2 seconds and returned with 2 huge wooden frames that someone, more than likely, didn't want anymore. ..Resourceful? UNDERSTATEMENT
..He's like ..Captain Planet of the art world.

...& It gets better. ..You'll be seeing more of his "projects" soon. 

[Yesterday I went for 'Gym Chic' with my 3/4 hoodie, white tee and slinky pants. My fit was super comfy. Shoes? not so much. ..But they're cute. & were DIY'd by me.]


Little Photo Girl said...

Groovy header...and I agree. His fashion creations are very unique.

Arre Lee said...

thank You ;) ..he's amazing!!