Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Diary | Rain, Rain ...Don't Go. Stay Awhile

*yesterday as I worked ...I thought*

Rainy Days in the city...
They're about as great as summer days. 

I've expressed to you guys more than a few times that my dream is to one day rest my head in the pretty city that is Manhattan. ..right?

Well, hearing the rain pitter patter against the windows of my store only makes me want it more. 
Seeing as though, in this very moment I am in indulging in two of my favorite things - rain drops and the beat of New York. The city life. 
I love them both.

I took a break from twiddling my thumbs and kicking my feet [traffic was super slow] to watch as the drops raced to make a splash on the cobble stone. 

The wind's gusty and the air's mild. ..The sky's dark. 
*...Looking up at many of the vacant apts.* I wish with all of my heart that I can soon call this place my home. 

New York is love. ..My love. 

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