Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Diary | Man Up. Stand Up. & Command!

Aside from another's creativity and ambition, I am most moved by their level of fearlessness. 

A woman came into my store 2 days ago to push her jewelry. 
I was told that she came once before, said her piece, and left. 
Knowing how this usually goes, I'm sure she spoke with an associate, handed over her card and pleaded with him/her to pass it on to our buyer. [I happened to be at lunch at this time]

Well, when I got a chance to meet her [that same day] she walked in with an immense amount of energy and was dolled from head to toe. Her aura commanded attention and within minutes she was speaking with the buyer herself. [& this is rare. We take messages. Offer "He'll get back to you"z & things of that nature.]

I've seen people come in many times before with the same purpose but they rarely sell. 
You have to have great balls when it comes to stuff like this. You have to be convincing from the gate because as soon as you open the door you're being judged. You, yourself, are a brand. Effectively selling yourself is key. Until you master that, you really cannot expect anyone to consider your product. 

I took a lot of notes from this woman. 
The most I said to her was "Hello ;)" .."You look cute" lol
But still, I learned a lot. 

Rule Numero Uno: Man Up. Stand Up. && Command!


Anonymous said...

sounds like said lady had very overt ovarian fortitude! all too often, people expect and accept rejection in life... I'm working on remembering that I can only expect what I demand! she has inspired me too!

Arre Lee said...

"I can only expect what I demand" that's something to chant.