Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Diary | Today: Hot. with a Mild Brainstorm.

What is a girl to do with herself after she's opened her eyes at around 3 in the morning
..When going back to sleep is the least of her options
..& the deep dark of night slowly turns into a bright and seasonally pleasant day??

She takes a pic of the beautifully changing sky. Washes her hair. Sips her lemon water. 
& gathers her notebook and mags for a moment of planning and trend surfing. 

A wise cab driver told me that 2011 would be great to me. 
& though some minor events caused me to want to find him and give him my 2 cents ...I actually think he's right. 

What you see above, I am staring at right now. ..Yes. As I type. 
I'm flustered with ideas. Frilly thoughts. 
I have something cool in the works ..& these mags? well, ..this is my team. 
They're here to inspire me. Guide me in the right direction. Teach me new things.
& a little more|less of the nice things teams do for the head honcho. 

Arre Lee is more than a name. It is slowly turning into a brand. 

I hope to WOW you guys. 
[Thanks! thus far, for your support]

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