Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Diary | Making Order out of Chaos by Reinvention.

I've been sitting around lately allowing my brain to toy with the concept of 
' inventing yourself, ..then reinventing yourself' ..then reinventing yourself, again.'
It seems to be a normal thing 

How often do you do it?

..Me? ...fairly often.

I once thought that a constant reinvention of one's self was equatable to having an identity crisis. 
Like, what's with all of the changing? 
I suppose I didn't know any better. ..Seeing as though I now know that there is very little quality in a life w.o change. ..I changed the very moment I adopted a new perspective on this whole thing. ..New thoughts breed new actions. ..& new actions create a new YOU. & you have then been reinvented. 

I think its all about truly knowing yourself, what you want and most importantly what you have to offer. 
To reinvent yourself doesn't mean that you, John, will now be Joseph. 
It's all about taking yourself to new heights. Adding a little Pledge to your surface. 
Because trust, ..we get dusty too. 
& all of our greatness gets clouded. 

I think life is easier and fun when you think of it as a vintage piece. 
When I see something old and rugged, that I just know was a force in its New days. & gave Fever.
I can't wait to get it home.  revamp it. Make it new again. & Give fever - again. 
People. Things. ..we all go through a little wear and tear. 
"That's why practical knowledge is important" - my boss said that yesterday.
& he's right. Learn how to sew. [learn to do so in real life if it suits you, but figuratively - Learn how to sew].
Do you know how beat up I would be if I didn't know how to sew? 
How scratched and torn and frayed I'd be..
I don't have time to go to my local Life Tailor for a quick fix. 
It's up to me to reinvent myself. 

& because I know who I am, what I want and what I have to offer..
The 24 year old vintage piece that is my life - can always be new again. & give fever - again. & again. 

...sort of like the moon, on its journey to fullness
Its beauty repeats itself. 


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